3 Tips to Safely Transport Your Possessions to the UK

Whether you need things large or small shipped, using a courier to UK is one of the most secure and efficient methods available. Using professional courier services ensures that you can keep track of your items much more closely than trying to send it off via slow freight shipping or, in the case of smaller items, regular mail. Whether you’re a business looking to send things off to the UK or an individual person or family who’s moving house, couriers and professional shippers are a boon to peace of mind as well as efficiency.

1. Look into Purchasing Insurance

It’s important to make sure that your possessions are insured should an accident befall them out of your or the shipper’s control. Whether this might be a natural storm or interruption of transit, make sure that you look into purchasing insurance. Some shippers also offer blanket insurance, but you should ask upfront.

2. How to Gather Your Belongings

If you’re moving house, it can be overwhelming to try and remember all the things you need to send off with the courier. Real Simple advises creating a binder that will help you move all of your items, including estimates, receipts, and major items the are part of the move. When you start looking for a courier or shipper in the first place, that’s where the estimates come in. You should keep track of all these numbers in a centralized location, and then list what you need shipped.

3. When You’re Only Shipping Small Things

Some people use a courier to UK to send off immediate, smaller things, and then use a freight service for their larger items, such as furniture or cars. It all depends on your timeframe and where you’re coming from. Depending on the company you use, sometimes there is also a discount for a larger amount of items, but it depends on who you’re working with.

Using a courier to get your items to the UK is much safer than simply trying to mail smaller things, or move house and use a cheap, generic shipping company.