Warehousing and Distribution: 3 Signs of Poor Service Levels

Starting a business isn’t easy. As your business grows, you’ll need better solutions to improve your processes and ROI. If you have your own inventory, you’ll need efficient and effective warehousing and distribution services to provide for customer orders. Think your warehousing and distribution partner isn’t up to the task? Here are a few signs you’ll need to start looking for a new one:

Slow Service Levels

If the staff is not putting your stock up on the shelves, that’s a lot of inventory that isn’t being scanned and put into the system, which amounts to lot of potential customers lost. That could mean that the warehousing team is understaffed or inefficient. Either way, you lose quite a lot of potential sales.

Inventory on Loading Docks

In many cases, if your inventory spends more time on the loading docks than on the shelves, that’s a definite sign that your warehousing and distribution service is inefficient. That also puts a lot of your inventory at risk of being damaged.

Ruined Inventory

The longer your shipment stays on the loading docks, the more vulnerable it is to theft, exposure to the elements and damage. If you sell shoes, for instance, a lot of those pairs could go down the drain. If you’re losing too many supplies or inventory this way, it’s time to shift to better warehousing and distribution services.

Finding a Quality Option

Material Handling & Logistics cites warehouse inefficiencies as one of the most common inventory management mistakes. Left unattended, this could drive your business to the ground. In addition, if your orders aren’t being shipped accurately, that’s a whole lot of unhappy customers who could turn on your business. By opting for a better warehousing and distribution service provider, you can easily gain back lost customers, improve your ROI and get back control of your business.