Why Does Meaning Of Names Hold An Importance In Our Lives?

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Numerologist

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In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet mused “What’s in a name?” But in reality, do you know that our names communicate more than a label? Yes! Your name is not just a tag but a representation of who you are. The Meaning of Names not only hold importance in our lives but even in our holy scriptures, God has emphasized the importance of names and their purpose.

Every letter of your name has an influence on you that further determines distinct traits — the first name aids in determining the personality, desire and the thoughts of an individual while the surname confirms the heredity characteristics of the family. An individual’s full name helps in achieving destiny and is beneficial while considering the Meaning of Names.

Importance of Meaning of Names

Ever wondered why there is a religious ceremony held while naming a child? Names are an essential part of our lives. They are not only the key to our identities but the meanings attached, helps us to reflect on ourselves. The names have the power to shape our future and define us. Thus, parents choose a name with a definite meaning, to mold their children’s personalities accordingly.

Meaning of Names associated with Numbers

According to numerology, every name has a number. And this number can be determined by replacing the letters of the name to their subsequent numbers. The numbers are then added to the lowest. The name number so formed defines the person’s personality and his ambitions and goals. Have you heard of people adding an extra ‘A’ to their name? The name numerology is the reason behind it.

According to name Numerology, your name should always be in proportion with your date of birth. A disharmony in your date of birth and name can cause failures and difficulties on your road to success. The imbalance would only suppress the traits of an individual. Thus, it is advised to choose a name accordingly, to acquire the positivity with a sound mind and attitude.

Do you want an analysis of your name? NaamVidya is a website that effectively measures the vibrations of your name and ensures that you receive proper remedies. All the names are analyzed according to the date of birth of the individual. Thus, they help in providing a Balanced Name to ensure success, happiness, and positivity.

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