3 Ways to Get Out of Paying for Excess Baggage Fees

Affordable fares might be making it easier for passengers to fly but excess baggage rates can be a considerable challenge. Here’s how to keep from paying those ridiculous fees:

Don’t overpack

Conventional wisdom says it’s a great idea to simply bring along a few essentials, says Money Crashers. However, a lot of travelers ignore this bit of advice. If you can’t seem to help yourself, you might want to…

Shop there

Try bringing along an empty luggage bag. The minute your plane lands, go shopping. That way, you have all that space for your shopping finds. Just bring a few essentials along and you’ll be fine. You could always use the laundry service at the hotel if you want your new clothes washed before you use them.

Ship it

If you simply can’t live without your shoe collection or key pieces from your wardrobe, it might be better to look for a shipping service. Shipping excess baggage overseas is an excellent solution. You won’t have to pay for sky-high excess baggage charges. You won’t have to carry your giant bags as you run through the airport in a mad scramble to catch your flight. You could breeze through customs way easier with nothing holding you down.

Finding one

With plenty of options, finding a reputable for shipping excess baggage overseas shouldn’t be all that difficult once you know what you need. Consider reliability and service quality more than anything else. Do they offer insurance? That’s another consideration to add to the mix. Ask friends and family for tips and referrals. Go online and research for nearby options in your area. These should prove helpful to your search.

Stop paying for bloated oversized baggage fees. These 3 tips could save you tons on money and reduce the time and stress it takes to find a shipping service you can trust.