3 Common Reasons for Lost or Missing Baggage

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Moving And Transportation

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Fox News says there were about 6 bags lost every year for every 1,000 passengers. While those numbers are lower than the figure recorded in the previous, it’s still a common problem for passengers.

Connecting flights

Your bags are much more likely to get lost if you have a lot of transfers. That’s why it’s a good idea to go for less connecting flights as possible. It’s not only more restful, it can keep your bags from getting lost.

Poor timing

Airlines are also notorious for subjecting your bags to less than ideal handling treatment. For instance, while it’s generally better to check in your bags early, if it’s too earlier, airline staff could leave it all out in the open—that’s because it isn’t time to deliver those bags yet. They might even set it aside for a bit to make room for bags that do need to be carted off onto the plane right at that moment. However, by setting it aside, your bags are now much more likely to get lost or be forgotten, hence you’re missing or lost baggage.


If you’re flying during the holidays, there’s a good chance that you’re doing it along with a ton of other customers. Too many passengers could mean problems for staff. They might have a tough time handling all those bags. Some pieces of luggage could easily slip through the cracks at this point. You’ll want to avoid the holidays if you want to keep your bags from going missing.

Easy fix

One way to fix the problem is to simply hire a baggage shipping service. This way, you can have all your bags delivered ahead. No need to worry about losing your bags during a flight or turning up at your hotel with zero clothes. With the help of a reliable baggage shipping service, you can worry less about missing or lost baggage problems.