Locating a Good Household Goods Shipping Company

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Moving And Transportation

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With the world seemingly getting smaller and smaller, more and more companies are doing business overseas. This often means opening offices overseas and sending employees there as well. Sometimes it’s just for a short while, other times it may be for years. In any case, sending employees overseas calls for finding a reliable company for household goods shipping.

Finding a Company You Can Trust

Whether you are the employee being transferred or you are the company taking care of finding a shipping service, you need to be sure it is a company that you can trust. Sending personal belongings overseas, or anywhere, can be nerve wracking. All of a person’s life is packed up and taken away and this can be extremely stressful. While you want to be sure the shipping company has an excellent reputation, you also don’t want to break the bank making the move.

DHL and FedEx are Expensive

You may try the bigger name companies to start, but you will soon find that household goods shipping is extremely expensive through them. Their services are more geared toward smaller packages and courier service of documents. Shipping entire households are not really their thing. You need to find a company that does shipping of household, personal items on a regular basis, as part of their core business.

Moving to India

If you are moving to India, or is a company sending an employee, you should contact Fastway Worldwide Express. Fastway has a top rating as a reliable and cost effective company for household goods shipping. Shipping this type of freight is second nature as they are experienced in moving students to and from universities, carrying excess baggage, and all types of air freight. They know the customs regulations and will pack, ship and deliver your household goods with the upmost care, at a price that is reasonable and cost effective. You will find their staff friendly and knowledgeable and they will always provide a tracking number so you always know where your ‘home’ is in the process.