4 Ways to Get Rid of Baggage Problems

Time to do some last-minute shopping, say goodbye to new-found friends and worry about the business of getting home. That’s usually how every vacation ends. However, it’s not always easy to get everything ready. Just take a look at your bags. One more pair of shoes or skirt and they’re all going to come apart at the seams. Don’t want to have to worry about oversized bags and bloated baggage charges? Read on:

Lighten up your load

Spare yourself the stress and hassle of having to deal with oversized bags by lightening your load, Travel Insider says. If you have grooming products, transfer them into smaller containers. If you’ve got brand new shoes, consider leaving the box behind. That’s an added weight you can do without.

Buy a portable weighing scale

There are digital and manual types for portable weighing scales. Either one gets the job done. Don’t expect the numbers to be exact right down to the last digit. But it’ll at least give you an idea of how much heft your luggage packs and how much baggage space you need to buy.

Ship it

Considering how high excess baggage charges can get, it’s better to consider a standard baggage delivery service. With their rates, it’s more economical. This is also a better option for you if you want your luggage handled right. Airline baggage services are notorious for being hard on bags. If you’ve got fragile souvenirs and items tucked away in your luggage, or don’t want new scratches or dents popping up on your bags, opting for a baggage delivery service is a fine move.

Get the right bags

Wondering why your bags always seem to weigh a ton? Then the problem might be with your bag. Old models turn out to be far heavier. Might be time to toss it out for a new one.