3 Benefits that Online Funding Platforms Offer

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Business and Economy

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Raising funds for a cause can be very difficult without the right tools. Online funding platforms are a great way to make fundraising easier. These websites make the process of donating easier for people thus increasing the number of donations you receive.

Choose Wisely
In the interest of making your fundraiser a success you will want to be sure that you choose from the online funding platforms that are known for being a successful venue for fundraising. Not all the platforms are user friendly and not all the platforms are conducive to making it easy to set up your fundraiser page. Look for the platforms that:

*Are easy to use
*Will be easy for your donors to use
*That DO NOT require that you meet your goal
*That DO NOT have a long lengthy vetting process

Ease of use is the number one thing that will encourage donors to donate. If a donor visits your fundraiser page and the website is hard to navigate, it is very likely that they will give up before they make their donation.

Online safety and security always must be considered but you shouldn’t have to deal with a lengthy vetting process to set up your fundraiser.  You want it to be an easy setup and not have to worry about spending too much time setting up.

Try It
One of the best reasons to use an online platform is because you do not have anything to lose. If you raise funds via the platform and if it does not go quite as well as planned then you lose nothing! Ketto is a great platform to try!