4 Reasons Why Unaccompanied Luggage Shipping Makes for an Ideal Solution

Whether you’re going on a trip or moving to another country for work or to pursue higher education, one worry on your mind would be how to get your all your excess luggage delivered to your new address. If you’re still paying for overpriced airline charges, it’s about time you considered the merits of unaccompanied luggage shipping services.

Better tracking

Unlike airlines, shipping companies have a better way of keeping track of your luggage. They have the means to insure your belongings, the NBC News says. If you’re tried of dealing with the usual baggage snafus when you’re dealing with airlines, then switching to shipping services is the way to go.

Lower charges

Shipping companies also offer better rates for shipping your overweight bags internationally. If you don’t want to pay for excess baggage costs that even exceed the price of your ticket, then using a shipping service is a cost-effective alternative, one that lets your wallet breathe a little easier.

Less damage

Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of a delayed, lost or damaged luggage knows just how bad things could get. If you just stepped off the plane from a month-long vacation in Europe, only to hear that your luggage—along with the rest of your souvenirs and must-have shoes—are lost, it’s enough reason to say goodbye to airline shipping forever. Shipping services are better equipped to handle the storage, delivery and care of your bags because that’s what they do, unlike airlines that need to stay on top of a lot of things, which is why baggage services might not always be topnotch.

No waiting

You won’t have to wait around the baggage claim area, looking for your bag. Unaccompanied luggage shipping services will get your bags delivered right to your door so you won’t need to lug them from the airport.