Things to Remember While Recharging a Prepaid Mobile Phone Online

Online Recharging of mobile phones and other services has lately become the most convenient method of refilling or renewing a connection. Besides being fast, secure and easy, the process of online recharging also contributes to saving of valuable time. However, online recharging is subject to failure and risks owing to lack of awareness and appropriate information with the user, regarding the correct method of transacting online. We therefore bring to you some key points that can surely make you aware of what makes a seamless online recharging attempt successful.

Do not Trust Unofficial Apps

Third party apps are as much prone to hacking as an unsecured network. Much of these apps are available for free download from websites that are different than the official stores of the service provider. Popular online recharge platforms have their own official apps that are well protected by online security. Users can easily download them on their iOS or Android platform supported device.

Technical Catches

After making a transaction online, we often forget to either log out of the website or keep our login information saved online, especially when we are operating from a public place or using an unsecured wireless network, without even realizing the possible consequences. The risks are even higher when you are making a recharge payment from your online wallet which asks for login details including your confidential password. It is therefore critically important to use a secured network and operate from your own system which is password protected. A safe way to deal with this situation is to log out from the site after you’re done with recharging, and clear all the loaded information by deleting cookies data from your browser.

First Experiment

While recharging for the first time you just want to be sure it isn’t a scam. Smart users recharge with a minimal amount on their first go. In such a case even if they are dealing with a fraudulent party, it will not make the user part with a big amount and then regret terribly.

Net Protection is always recommended

Installing a decent Anti-virus or Spyware program in your system is the best way out. One can never trust unknown applications and files that may not only harm your system but also grab extremely confidential information while you’re transacting online and yet unaware about it. Similarly accessing public computers or shared devices can put you at a great risk of letting your accounts open to unauthorized access.


Make a point to have your internet connections monitored by an expert so that you are sure of having a healthy internet speed which is a strong factor in supporting an online transaction. If the speed is dull, transaction failure is more likely to occur frequently. Also, in the middle of a transaction process, it is advisable not to refresh the page as this will stop the transaction midway and you will have to go through the entire process again. Chances are high that your payment will be deducted and considered for refund, which is again time-consuming and undesirable.

A Good Research Goes a long Way

Trying to find out some good online recharge service stations, is nothing less than investing for your own convenience. Before you start using the services of any of these recharge portals, check if they are are genuine and offer top-ups of all the network providers. There are loads of user testimonials and reviews available on the web. You can simply search the service provider’s details with user reviews or forums. Be assured of the choice you make and then it will be a fine experience.

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