Ways To Use Online Fundraising And Make It Work For You

When most people think of online fundraising or crowdfunding, they think of nonprofit organizations and charities. While these groups can and do use crowdfunding, it can also be for companies and individuals. Whether you want to create an app or film, learn a new skill or get money to expand your business (or start one), you’ll find that crowdfunding can help in many ways.

Hobbies Into Careers

Everyone has that one hobby that could make them money. Whether you love gardening and want to start a landscaping business or prefer to crochet and want to earn money with your creations, you can get enough money to start your project and see it grow into a marketable business.

Small Budgets Welcome

While there are a few fees associated with any crowdfunding website (they have to make money, too!), you won’t need to have a large budget to pay for them. In most cases, the website’s fees are taken out of the profits you earn, so you don’t have any out-of-pocket costs.

No Marketing Budget

Marketing your next big idea can be a drag because you have to spend money on advertisements and get your name out there. With online fundraising, you won’t need a marketing budget because you can use social media to spread the word.

No PR Team

While larger companies may already have a Public Relations team in play, you don’t need one to promote your fundraiser and get money. Social media is used to share and tweet about your money-making plan, and others can share/retweet it, as well.

Reach Thousands (or Millions)

Because social media is the highlight of the crowdfunding website, you can potentially reach millions of people, depending on how many times you share and tweet about your campaign. Asking friends and family to share the information can help you reach even more, and if their friends share it, more and more people could hear about it and respond.


Everyone wants to feel validated for their feelings and ideas. When people start donating to your campaign, you’ll know you’re on the right track and can be successful.


Once the page is created and out there, ask others for feedback. Do they like the colors you chose? Is the page easy to understand and navigate? Do they think you have too much going on or do they like the content? Don’t be afraid to ask others for their opinions to create a better page.

Online fundraising shouldn’t be difficult or require that you meet a certain goal number. Visit Ketto today to learn more about their options and how to start a campaign.