by | Nov 21, 2017 | Business and Economy

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Crowdfunding simply means raising money from variable sources whereby each investor contributes a little amount to help a greater goal which is the project initiated by a person or a group. A number of ventures have been made successful with this very process of online fundraising and it is gaining popularity with each passing day. It definitely is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to procure a lot of funds for their business from people who are simply willing to invest.

There are certain rules and regulations related to crowdfunding which guide how crowdfunding works and these exist to protect inexperienced investors from putting too much of their savings at risk. This is to safeguard them from losing too much money if the venture fails to be a hit. There is also the reward based system which has been incorporated in the crowdfunding process by virtue of which investors can participate in the new product launch or can get a gift/reward for their contribution. With the advent of the internet, entrepreneurs now can approach a larger audience and convince a number of investors to pitch in without having to manually search for prospective investors.

Some of the top crowdfunding sites in India act as tools to make online fundraising or social crowdfunding a success. A number of social networks all over the world, aided by these very good crowdfunding sites help in making a dream of a project true. It helps project initiators to pool in money and start working on the projects. One such amazing online crowdfunding platform would surely be Ketto.org. It is absolutely free to initiate a fundraiser on Ketto and similarly easy to watch it grow by bringing in investors to contribute to the cause from all over the world.