What Is a Collage Canvas and Is It Right for You?

Interested in finding a way to display multiple photographs in the same frame? Once upon a time, your only option was to use individual photos, and a matting method that offered the ability to display several images at once. Today, you’re not limited to using photographs or photo copies. A collage canvas gives you the ability to display the pictures you want in one place, without any need for matting, cutting, taping and other issues.

What Is a Collage Canvas?

A collage canvas is exactly what it sounds like – a collage of multiple photographs printed onto a single canvas. This allows you to create and then display collections of related pictures in the same frame. And, because the collage is printed on a canvas, there’s no need to worry that your original photos will be lost or damaged. Actually, thanks to digital technology, you no longer even need to supply physical originals. You can send digital photos to the photo printing company.

Creating a Collage

The trick to using this option effectively is to create the right collage. This requires more than just making a grid of pictures. A good collage rarely relies on images that are the same size, although this might work if you were looking to create something with the feel of modern art. More often, collages feature images of different sizes. This allows you to put the focus on specific pictures, while using smaller images to tie the larger ones together, to guide the viewer’s eye around the collage, or to embellish the picture.

What Can You Create?

When it comes to a collage canvas, your options are virtually unlimited. You can do anything you like. For instance, you might create a series of fun family portraits that captures the essence of your relationship. You might create a series showing the antics of a beloved family pet, or to commemorate a family gathering or event.

Of course, a collage canvas can be used in workplaces as well as in private homes. Use a collage canvas to highlight company culture, to commemorate a past event like a company picnic or Christmas party, or to celebrate the achievements of specific employees through the years.

These are just a few of the things to know about using a collage canvas. We invite you at ArtDotz to get in touch today to learn more about the printing process.