How An Overseas Courier Service Delivers

by | May 13, 2016 | Moving And Transportation

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Shipping overseas from India is a common practice and one that happens millions of times a day. Many people have a lot of misunderstanding about how an overseas courier service actually operates, and how much control the courier in India really has over the delivery of the package or goods in a foreign country.

The International Corporations

There are two different types of courier services. One type of service is an internationally based courier that has their own offices in many or most of the countries in the world. These services such as FedEx, DHL, TNT and UPS maintain the item within their company system from your hands to the hands or location of the receiver.

These larger companies have their own freight airlines, transportation hubs, distribution and sorting centers and their own employees in each of their locations and offices. They may coordinate with local post offices in some areas for delivery, but this is only for specific categories of shipments that are selected by the sender.

Courier Companies in India

There are also overseas courier service providers in India. These companies may only be located in this country, but they offer full international shipping services either through their own offices abroad or by partnering with the international shipping and courier corporations.

For example, a company in India offering an international courier service may actually have offices in the United States, the United Kingdom or throughout Europe. They may offer delivery through their own services to major cities and areas, and then partner with DHL, FedEx, UPS or TNT to provide service to the entire country.

The courier based in India pays a fee based on the volume of packages or documents they handle. This provides full service around the world to any of the countries the major international companies deliver.

Saving Costs

Since the overseas courier service in India may offer built-in cost saving factors such as free packing and home pick-up for shipment, these companies are very competitive even with the international companies that may actually complete the delivery.

Additionally, as they are local, they are more likely to work with businesses and residential customers in ways that the large companies simply are not able to offer. A range of services, tracking technology, insurance and packing options may be offered through the best companies, making them highly efficient and cost-effective options for international shipping.