Enjoy the Natural Beauty and Wildlife of Wayanad India

Out of the entire country, Wayanad is one of the top destinations for adventurers, hikers, animal-lovers and photographers. The area combines a range of luck tropical jungles with hidden caves and beautifully flowing waterfalls. For families on one of the many Wayanad tour packages, there are many special attractions in the area which you might want to visit. If you can’t get them added into your current tour package, you may be able to enjoy them after the initial tour or start planning a second visit to see what you missed!

Lush Green Hills and Beautiful Lake

Wayanad is a natural paradise. The humidity and rainfall is high, the temperatures are tropical, and as a result the hillsides are bursting with trees, shrubs, and thick green grasses. If you’re looking for a hiking or trekking adventure, the many hills and jungles of the area could be just what you were hoping for. Be sure to bring a camera since you may encounter a range of wildlife unique to Wayanad, as well as some plants which are not found anywhere else in the world. The lakes, canals and waterfalls add to the beauty of the region and many of them make an excellent stop on Wayanad tour packages for visitors. Whether this is your first visit to India, or you have been there many times before, taking advantage of the cool and stunning natural views should not be missed.

India’s Largest Earthen Dam

Some of the most underappreciated views in the region are some of the world’s most amazing sights. Take for example the Banasura Sagar dam. This earthen dam is the second largest in Asia and retains a massive reservoir that can provide an excellent spot for you to enjoy zooming around in a speedboat. After a fun filled day on the lake, you and your family or friends can relax on one of the smaller islands or resorts to enjoy a hearty lunch or dinner. The thick white clouds form above your head as the parrots and sandpipers call from the surrounding vegetation. All in all, this can provide a great way to close out the day on any of the Wayanad tour packages you have chosen. But if it’s just not enough for you, be sure to consider visiting some of the local wildlife parks, elephant trekking facilities, or just set out on your own to get up close and personal with nature on a day walk.

When choosing the Wayanad tour packages for your next vacation, don’t forget to enjoy the natural beauty and wildlife of the area. Lumiere Holidays can provide great information on some of the best places to see.